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Sofyan Ahmad Barhomeh
Experienced Translator
Date of Birth: Nov 2th, 1989 │ Jordanian Marital Status: Married
Email: Place of Residence: Amman – Jordan Mobile: 00962786127704
Last update: August 15th, 2017

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An experienced translator, editor and proofreader. He has master’s degree in translation studies from the University Of Petra (2017). He has worked as a provider of English < > Arabic translation translator since 2012 and has completed hundreds of translation requests for leading local and international translation agencies and companies, including but not limited to, Talal Abu Ghazaleh Company for Translation, Distribution and Publishing (TAG-Translate) (member of Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organization “TAG-ORG”), ProjectTarjim, ZADD holding, MS Translations and Media Services, Moore Stephens Qatar and Translators Tribe. He has delivered high-quality translation services according to the requirements of the end clients and received appreciation letters in recognition of his excellent services. Those end clients include for example but not limited to: Hay Group, Housing Bank For Trade and Finance (HBTF), International Justice Resource Center (IJRC), IMCO Engineering & Construction W.L.L., Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Agency For Technical Cooperation & Development (ACTED Jordan), dot.Jo, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Jordan Islamic Bank, Jordan Dubai Islamic Bank, Security Assessment in North Africa (SANA) and European Union Twinning Project with the Ministry of Social Development. During his study, Sofyan has gained the recognition of translation professors for his unique skills and has obtained several letters of recommendation.

1. Education

MA in Translation, average: 3.50 / 4 = Very Good (2015-2017). The University Of Petra (UOP) Amman, Jordan
BA in Translation and English Language and Literature, average: Good (2007-2012)
Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan Amman, Jordan

2. Languages

Arabic and English (Fluent at both in speaking, listening, reading and writing).

3. Work Experience

A. Certified English < > Arabic Translator
Commencement Date End Date
August 2012 Present
I have worked on Translating of business Manuals, leaflets, brochures, agreements, contracts terms & conditions, press releases, presentations, reports, research papers, and websites contents…etc. I have worked, moreover, on proofreading & editing of some translated materials from English to Arabic and vice versa. It is worth highlighting that I provided written translation services to leading organizations and companies in Jordan, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Worldwide.

Key Achievements:

- Translated greater than 2500000 words for various projects for over five years. I have translated thousands of words in the following areas: Human Resources, Legal, Banking, Finance and Health Care.
- Delivered more than 1000 tasks on time.
- Worked on editing and ensuring high-quality and accuracy of translated texts.
- Provided excellent translations for a group of urgent works.
- Responded to clients’ replies and feedback promptly and effectively.
B. Talal Abu Ghazaleh Company for Translation, Distribution and Publishing (TAG-Translate) (member of Talal Abu Ghazaleh Organization “TAG-ORG”)
Commencement Date End Date
January 2015 May 2017
I have worked on translating of reports, press releases, memorandums of understanding, Standard Operating Procedures (SPOs), banks’ annual reports, financial statements, commercial documents, banks’ reports, NGOs’ reports and documents, business Manuals, leaflets, business policies, brochures, agreements, contracts, health care documents, researches, and websites contents. Additionally, I have worked as a proofreader & editor of some translated materials and originally written materials in English & Arabic. TAG- Translate coordinator told me that many clients asked them to assign translation requests to me based on my previous works.

Key Achievements:

- Translated greater than 750000 words for various projects for over two years.
- Delivered more than 400 tasks on time.
- Worked on editing and ensuring high-quality and accuracy of translated texts from English into Arabic and Vice versa.
- Received thank you letters (evidencable) for the translation provided to clients, including but not limited to, ACTED Jordan and Security Assessment in North Africa (SANA).

Web Teb Ltd.
Commencement Date End Date
April 2017 Present
I have wrote a set of articles on a pre-specified topics, including life style, health tips, children growth and children education.
D. MS Translation and Media Services (Link)

Commencement Date End Date
June 2016 Present
I have worked on translating of reports, press releases, news reports, documents, website contents for united nations agencies and leading companies in the gulf region.

Key Achievements:
- Translated more than 80000 words for a number of leading companies in gulf region and non-governmental organizations.
- Responded to clients’ urgent requests quickly and effectively.

Commencement Date End Date

January 2016 May 2016
I have translated more than 100000 words for leading a financial auditing firm in the areas of human resources, performance management, job descriptions, contracts, presentations, strategies and policies.
Levanters for technical, language services, research & studies
Commencement Date End Date
December 2013 December 2014

I have worked as a translator, copywriter and proofreader of legal documents, contracts, agreements, speeches, presentations, official documents & certificates, minutes of meetings, manuals, brochures...etc.

Key Achievements:

- Translated 500000 words for three leading companies.
- Delivered more than 300 tasks on time.
- Provided excellent translation service in a number of short notice tasks.
- Advised direct client about some mistakes in their documents.
- Supervised translation trainees & gave them regular feedback with a view to improving their translation skills.
- Delivered daily translation tasks for European Union (EU) Twinning Project in Jordan with the Ministry of Social Development (MoSD) (I have translated documents, presentations, manuals, meetings minutes…etc.).

4. Skills

Translation Technology Skills ▪ Able to work on Computer-Assisted Translation Tools, including: SDL Trados Studio, Word Fast Professional and MemoQ.

▪ Competent in creating and utilizing bilingual corpora, translation memories and bilingual resources.

▪ Competent in creating bilingual glossaries and termbases and making use of them in CAT programs and during translation process.

Computer Skills ▪ Able to handle the following file formats: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, password- protected PDF files, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, SDL TRADOS, SDLX, STAR Transit, TMX, Online CAT tools, Wordfast, SDLXLIFF and project packages.
Personal Skills ▪ Able to respond to the clients’ requests, enquiries and remarks quickly and effectively.
▪ Able to handle short notice translation requests in a timely and professional manner.
▪ Fast-learner.

5. Translated Books
Human Resources Management. A training manual for business administration students and specialists

6. References

1- Prof. Mohammad Anani
Vice President of University of Petra & Dean of Arts and Sciences Faculty – University of Petra
Tel: +0096265799555 – Ext. 6000 - Email:
I was a key team member in the research project led by Prof. Mohammad Anani. That research project aimed to create an English-Arabic translation memory for educational and research purposes.

2- Prof. Omar Atari
Chairman of English Language Literature and Translation Department – University of Petra
Tel: +009265799555 – Ext. 6230 - Email:
I was one of Prof. Omar students in Master’s program in translation studies. During my study, Prof. Omar has appreciated my translation skills highly and has nominated me for handling translation requests.

3- Prof. Ula Adabbagh
Associate Professor of Translation Studies - University of Petra
Tel: +009265799555 – Ext. 6230 - Email:
I have taken two courses with Prof. Ula Adabbagh, namely: Journalistic and Political Translation and Economic and Commercial Translation. Prof. Ula has appreciated my unique translation skills, analytical thinking skills and skills of solving translation-related problems and has said several times: “Unlike

other MA students, Sofyan is highly proficient in analyzing and solving translation problems and he has outperformed his colleagues at all levels".

4- Mahmoud Shaban
Director of MS Translation and Media Services – Nicosia, Cyprus
Tel: 22101493 - Email:
I worked with Mr. Mahmoud Shaban for more than one year as a full-time translator and freelance translator. During that period, I have provided translations of quality for media content and documents of leading companies and organizations, including but not limited to: press releases, news reports, speeches, website contents, reports, Documents for NGOs, training manuals and questionnaires.

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