Mohammad Araidhah - Technical Translator

Mohammad Araidhah
Prince Saud Bin Mohammad Bin Miqrin Road Al Aqeeq Exit 4
01  13515
Saudi Arabia

Career Objective:

Seeking a position where I can utilize my skills and experience of the languages and translation to maintain the precision, unity and ease understanding of every written document or correspondence.

Work Experience:

April 2014 until now:
Technical Translator.
Employer: Manens Tif – Riyadh.
Work Description:
1. Translate all kinds of technical documents from The Consultant “Manens Tif” to the Client MOI and the Contractors.
2. Translate incoming documents from the Clients, like “Technical report, memorandums, circular notes, royal decrees…etc. into English.
3. Translate financial and fiscal reports produced by the Company Branch.
4. Translate Contracts, Agreement, BOQs, lease or any other type of Contracts.
5. Translate the IPC (Interim Payment Certificates), and help to produce them with free language errors.
6. Translate the Employment Contracts.
7. Reading the original material and rewriting it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained.
8. Proofread, edit, standardize, revise and finalize translated material prepared by other employees and Contractors.
9. Create TMs “Translation Memories” related to the Project, Management, and HR.
10. Translate English and Arabic technical reports as per the needs. i.e (Structural, MEP, IT and Medical equipment..etc)
11. Translate design guiltiness, technical manuals, codes used in Saudi Arabia into English.
12. Translate PowerPoint presentations, related to the work progress.
13. Help others to use the correct terms and wordings while producing their correspondences.

November 2012 – April 2014:
Technical Translator:
Employer: Saudi Oger – Constriction Division - Riyadh
Work description:
1. Translate written reports i.e. scope of works, change orders, Contracts…. and many others.
2. Translate incoming letters from the Client “Private Affairs Commission” into English.
3. Produce and proofread Arabic and English letters and correspondences.
4. Translate VIP Minutes of Meetings for different Projects and Management.
5. Work with other Company Translators to establish a database used to generalize all terms and idioms of the company “Arabic and English”.
6. Translate letters, which addressed to the Ministries or those dealing with government issues.
7. Reading through original material and rewriting it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is retained;

November 2008 – October 2012:
King Saud University – Riyadh
Work description
1. Translate the College of Science Website into English:
2. Translate reports and leaflets dealing with higher education and academic accreditation.
3. Translate all kind of correspondences, come to the Vice deanship for development and quality.
4. Translate websites pages made by the IT department of the Vice deanship for development and quality.
5. Produce Arabic and English letters, and reports dealing with academic accreditation in the vice-deanship.
6. Using specialist dictionaries and thesauruses to find the equivalents for terminology and words.
7. Reading through related materials to make sure the meaning is properly conveyed.

December 2010 –Jan 2012:
Freelance Proofreader: International Service Check.
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE. Company Industry: Support Services
Work description:
- Proofread and correct reports, documents, letters or any other paper in terms of orthography, grammar, coherence or misunderstanding in the English language within a specific time according to the clients’ needs.

August 2007 - October 2008:
Teacher of English language at Jordan Ministry of Education.
Location: Jordan, Jordan - Salt Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library
Work description:
- Teaching English language. Include four skills: Reading, writing, speaking and listening for the mid grades.

March 2007 - September 2007:
Executive Assistant at Oussoul Investment and economic
Location: Jordan-Amman-Shmesani Company Industry: Finance/Economics
Work description:
1. Open, read, route, distribute incoming email, and prepare answers to routine letters.
2. Produce PowerPoints Presentations.
3. Conduct searches to find needed information, using the Internet.
4. Arrange conferences, meetings, and travel reservations for office personnel.
5. Complete forms in accordance with company procedures.
6. Compose, type, and distribute meeting notes, routine correspondence, and reports.
7. Locate and attach appropriate files to incoming correspondence requiring replies.
8. Maintain scheduling and event calendars.

Educational Qualification:

- Bachelor's degree of English language and Literature at Jerash Private University /GPA 73,8 / Completion Date : January 2007
- High school or equivalent , Literature at Altharwa Secondary / School Location: Zarqa / Jordan

Working with Translation memories:

1. Wordfast Pro: Advanced level
2. SDL Trados: Advanced Level
3. MemoQ: Intermediate Level


- Arab Professional Translator Society
Membership/Role: Technical Translator Member since: December 2017
- Saudi Association for Languages and Translations
Membership/Role: Translator Member since: December 2009

Training Courses and Certifications:
Institute Name: The German Jordanian University
Duration: 64 Days - (From 26 January 2008 to 29 March 2008)
Type of Training: Comprehensive Translation
Certificate: Diploma
Institute Name: McAfee
Type of Training: Information Security
Duration: 3 Days - (From 10 December 2010 to 12 December 2010)
Certificate: Training Course
Institute Name: King Saud University
Duration: 2 Days - (From 25 January 2009 to 26 January 2009)
Type of Training: Quality ABC Management
Certificate: Workshop
Institute Name: King Saud University
Duration: 2 Days - (From 25 October 2009 to 26 October 2009)
Type of Training: Quality in Higher Education
Certificate: Workshop
Institute Name: King Saud University
Duration: 4 Days - (From 9 May 2011 to 12 May 2011)
Type of Training: Word Processing
Certificate: Training Course
Institute Name: King Saud University
Duration: 4 Days - (From 28 February 2011 to 3 March 2011)
Type of Training: Organizational Culture
Certificate: Training Course
Institute Name: King Saud University
Duration: 13 Days - (From 9 January 2009 to 21 January 2009)
Type of Training: Building Research Mentality
Certificate: Training Course

Contact and Personal Information:

Email Address:
Mobile Phone: +966530181085
Address: Alabraj Street _ Alaqeeq _ Riyadh _ KSA
DOB: 23rd of December 1982
Gender: Male
Nationality: Jordan
Marital Status: Married
Number of Dependents: three
Driving Licenses: Jordan, Saudi Arabia

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