Tawfik Mammad - Linguistic & Localization Testing/Website Localization & Quality Assurance

Tawfik Mammad
64 Alan Drive
Weatogue, CT 06089
United States

My Name is Tawfik Mammad, a keen and a very ambitious man with an international spirit, fluent in three languages. I’m reaching out to explore potential opportunities in the field of translation, language testing and localization QA testing with companies looking for candidates with background and qualifications like myself.
I believe that my skills and experience could be of value in several areas to any company acting in the field of technical translation or websites/softwares translation and localization. if there is any way I might be of service to you and your company, please feel free to contact me at mammadsultan@yahoo.fr
I look forward to hearing from you.
Tawfik Mammad

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Proofreading / Editing
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Doctorate Degree
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Game Content translator and localizer
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